Current chapter: Her Song is Our Song

Chapter Index

I want to express my deepest gratitude to Crowkeeper, who created many of the incredible lots and worlds I will be using in Summerdream, like the dragon eyrie featured in the first chapter, as well as the Undersea and Dusk realms of the fae. Crowkeeper’s works can be downloaded at Mod the Sims, and at her tumblr, Crowlandia

This story is also cross-posted on my tumblr, Down the Rabbithole. While the story posts are probably easier to read here, the tumblr posts allow you to click the images to see them in full size. I also post extra material like outtakes, teasers and character shots there, under the Summerdream tag

Genre: Fantasy

Note: This story contains graphic nudity and sexuality, and bloody violence. It is meant for mature audiences only.

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