Out of Phase


The songs of the many waters now sung clearly in Aymeri’s mind, each melody a distinct call lighting a separate path to its source. Following the familiar strain of the waterfall, his return was a gentler journey than his entrance to the Undersea, transporting him in an instant from the warm sea of Icovellauna’s shores to the cold mountain tarn where he’d stepped into only a few hours before.

At least, it should have been no more than few hours gone, for Aymeri had kept careful watch on the rising sun and had hastened away from Icovellauna’s side, reluctant to leave with so many questions left unanswered but wanting to be back to his eyrie before a long absence would require a deeper explanation than just a morning flight to stretch his wings. Emerging from the water to the spot he had left from, he finds a dark night sky lit by the moon and stars, and not the dawning sun he expected.


“Where did you go?”

Startled by the unknown voice, Aymeri turns toward the rising bank of the tarn. “Riannyn?” he mutters, questioning himself rather than the dragon squatting above him, more ready to believe he had met with the fae of the water in an undersea realm than that the reclusive Riannyn, who had not been seen in the many centuries since his exile from the storm eyrie would reveal himself in so casual a manner.


Riannyn had been exiled before Aymeri was born, and he had only the description of the outcast dragon for comparison. All the tales of the tragedy of Riannyn and Arturis, no matter the differences in the detail or the lesson the teller meant to teach began exactly the same way, with Riannyn’s hair that shone like sunlight even on the darkest moonless nights, the famed beauty that had driven Arturis mad with obsession. And every tale shared the same end, the murder of Arturis and the banishment of Riannyn, his arm scarred in the place where he once bore the mark of the storm eyrie.

“Riannyn?” Aymeri asks, approaching closer while keeping a safe distance from the only dragon to ever kill one of their own kind. “What are you doing here?”

A shadow flickers over Riannyn’s eyes as he nods in affirmation. It had been so long since he’d heard his name spoken aloud, the sound of it pains him. “I’ve been waiting for you, to ask you that very same question.”


“I’ve seen you hunt alone on many occasions, watched as you skirt close to the fae places, but never crossing their borders, and I always wondered what you sought,” the fair haired dragon continues, “When at last you found the courage to enter this place, I followed, hoping that a dragon brave enough to risk meeting with the fae would be willing to speak with the outcast. I saw the water take you down, and I waited here for your return.”

“I visited the the realm of the spirit of the waters,” Aymeri tells him, the words strange on his tongue, too improbable to be believed, “She taught me her song, and how to travel the streams.”


Riannyn sucks a hard breath through his teeth. “You met with a fae? An actual fae? I’ve been alone out here for more years than I can count, and I have never caught even a glimpse of their kind, even in places where their magic is strongest.”

“She didn’t like to be called fae,” Aymeri replies, hearing Icovellauna’s whispered protest in the back of his mind. “She said we speak the name with fear. We’ve always feared them, but why, I wonder, when they’ve never done us any harm?”


Riannyn shakes his head, “Anything that powerful should be feared, I think,” he answers, “I was beginning to fear that you would never return. Your clan has been searching the forests for you every day since you disappeared. I heard Seryn suggest they look for you in the enchanted places, but Anaia would not allow it. After another day, I was going to approach them myself to tell them of your fate, though I don’t know if they would believe the word of an outcast.”


“Days? But I wasn’t gone for more than…” his words drift away as he looks up at the moon, out of phase from what remembered of the night before. There was no doubting what the sky told him, some three days had come and gone in what felt like only an hour in the Undersea.



9 thoughts on “Out of Phase

  1. Gahhh, this story is so enchanting and interesting! I hate reaching the end of the chapter to be honest because I just want to find out more! Lots of previously unheard of happenings occurring lately….Icovellauna’s showing herself, a dragon meeting with the “fae,” and now Riannyn’s sudden appearance after having been in exile for so long….Seems to be that things are changing in this world, but why and what exactly’s happening? I’m all too excited to find out! ❤

    Also your pictures continue to be so, so gorgeous! Beautiful sims, beautiful scenery–I'm in love! ^_^

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  2. I cannot get enough of this story!! The details in this are simply remarkable. The scar on his arm where his mark used to be. I want to know more about the tragic tale and I’m so so very eager to follow Aymeri on his path and new knowledge of the fae folk. You have outdone yourself with this reboot. Absolutely.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much! I am happy that my old readers like you are enjoying the changes.

      More will be revealed about Riannyn’s story in chapters to come, I promise. Even Aymeri doesn’t really know the whole story, and he’s heard a few slightly different versions of it. Older dragons tell the story to young clutches when they start reaching adolescence, as a warning about how things can go bad in a clutch, so the versions tend to change depending on what the adult dragon is trying to teach. Probably the only dragons who know the whole truth are the remaining members of Riannyn’s clutch, and they never talk about it.

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    1. Yes, time is different in all the realms of the fae. Which I will get into in more depth, but I guess it’s not spoilery to say it here. The Undersea is always dawn, always summer. The Dusk (what you might call the central part of the fae realm, the home of Auberon, Tania and Jennicor) is always twilight, the Burrows are autumn in the late afternoon and the Bloom is a spring morning. Time also passes differently from the ‘real’ world, so while Aymeri experienced what felt like maybe an hour or so passing there, three whole days went by here.
      Riannyn’s whole story will get told, but this chapter was not the place for it.
      Ancient cultures did use the sky to tell the time, so I assumed my dragons would as well. =)

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  3. Aymeri seems to have overcome some of his fear he had previously of the Undersea place he was. Interesting that he was gone so long. I wonder who he met with if not the “fae” than what? Riannyn doesn’t seem to be a bad guy so I wonder what could have driven him to kill another dragon. Really looking forward to learning more of his story. Looks like Aymeri will have to do some explaining to his clutch as to what happened to him. I have a feeling that the truth isn’t going to go over very well.

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  4. Icovellauna is fae, according to what dragons mean by the word. But the ‘fae’ don’t call themselves that, or even have a word for themselves as a group. Ico doesn’t like being called fae because whenever a dragon uses that word, they are always talking about something that should be feared and avoided, and that’s not how Ico sees herself.
    I will definitely be showing Riannyn’s story so all the questions people have will be answered.
    Ha, yeah, the Aymeri will have some explaining to do about his three day absence. Just telling the truth would be very difficult.


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