The water will carry you wherever you wish to be…

Aymeri steps into the warm blue sea, the gentle waves lapping against his thighs, caressing him with every step toward the deep. He had thought the song was silenced here, but the current that swirls and pulls around his legs sings to him, and for the first time he understands what it tells him.

This is the place where all waters meet…

The songs multiply, splashing, bubbling, gurgling, merging together and flowing apart, like rain on the ocean, like streams forking from a river. In the roiling cacophony, he picks out a familiar strain, the sussurus of the waterfall where he stood before the water carried him here. He had only to dive in and follow, and he would be home.


Icovellauna swims past his legs, emerging a few paces ahead on him. “You have found your way home?”


He nods, hesitates. The sun has risen above the horizon, and he has already tarried too long. But he has questions left yet unanswered, the mystery he chased after still unsolved. “Why did you call to me?” he asks, “All water dragons hear the song, but you’ve shown yourself only to me.”


“All the dragons of the water hear the song, but they fear to listen and turn away. It was you who made the choice to follow. I could not reveal myself to you until you chose to see me.”

“How could I choose to see someone I did not know existed?” Aymeri wonders, every answer she gives him bringing its own question.

“You have always known me, in your heart,” she says, a small laugh teasing her lips, “You have always yearned, calling to me with your endless longing to understand who you are.”

“I know who I am,” he protests, “I am a dragon.”

“You are a dragon,” she agrees, “You are a son of your eyrie, a brother to your clutch, a friend, a lover, a father, all these roles that shape your thoughts. And you are more, Aymeri. Look into your heart, find yourself the way you found me, with eyes open to see and ears to listen for your own song.”


12 thoughts on “Always

  1. Oh Ico! You know just how to handle Aymeri. But! Did i forget that Aymeri is a father or is it new this time? I must have forgotten if he was at this point in the first version but!! Caterpillar you are doing AMAZING and lucky us who are able to enjoy your fantastic story and words! Thank you. It’s such a treat! Looking forward to the next chapter :d

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Poor Aymeri looks so confused in the last picture. And I don’t blame him, I would be too! But I’m excited to see his answer to her question, and what path this will put him on.
    “sussurus” I’ve never actually heard this word before, but it’s so beautiful. I so easily forget new words that I come across, but I think I’ll remember this one. Rolls off the tongue.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Sussurus is an awesome word. It’s one of the kind that sounds like what it means.

      Ha, yeah, it can be really hard to find poses that match the expression you want, but that confused face was perfect for that scene. Aymeri’s mind is being completely blown by all this new stuff he’s encountering. His path is certainly going to be interesting. =)

      Liked by 1 person

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