Wait and See


The wolf takes the last bite of rabbit from Riannyn’s hand, pausing to sniff at it before swallowing, still suspicious of the cooked meat despite the many times he’s shared his meals with her.


She is no mere wolf. Enchanted creatures like her live among the ordinary beasts in these forests where dragonkind hunts, identical in appearance to their more bestial brethren, known to no one but himself. In the centuries that he’s lived alone in this forest, Riannyn has learned to disinguish the enchanted creatures from the ordinary, recognizing the glint of magic in their eyes, spotting the subtle differences in the way they hunt and play. It’s a skill valued by none but himself, and perhaps by this wolf who is not just a wolf.

Different even from her enchanted brethren, and it was she who sought him out and initiated the friendship that had ended his long stretch of solitude. She had left her pack behind to follow him, sleeping outside his hidden den in the deepest heart of this old forest, hunting with him in the early hours of morning, bringing him small gifts when she’d return from a long absence as though she meant to apologize for abandoning him to his isolation once again.

She never returned to her pack; Riannyn had more than once sought her among them when she’d  been away from him for more than a few days. Generations of wolves had been born and died while she walked with him, and perhaps her descendants, some with that glimmer of magic in their eyes, would no longer even recognize or accept her. Where she went, he never knew, for even his skill as a tracker was not enough to trace her path.

Stretching after her small meal, she nudges at his arm, inviting him to play, in the way that wolves do.


“You know where he is,” he says, glancing at the water where he’d watched Aymeri, a dragon of the Fire Eyrie disappear. Not drowned, surely, for water dragons cannot drown in their own element. Just gone, swallowed by the river.

The wolf whines softly, nuzzling his hand in affirmation.

“Will he come back?” Riannyn asks, searching her glimmering yellow eyes for some reassurance. In his time alone in this forest, he had explored many of the fae places his kind had always shunned in fear. Magic twisted the shapes and colors, and he could never be sure of anything he saw in the enchanted parts of the woods, but never had he felt any threat or hostility to his presence. Seeing the water pull Aymeri in was a cause for fresh doubt. The fae had never bothered him, living alone as he did in this forest, but that did not mean he was safe from them.


The wolf sits, attentive, her tongue extended in a reassuring gesture.

“All right,” Riannyn agrees, watching the ripples dance on the water, “We shall wait and see.”


10 thoughts on “Wait and See

  1. Riannyn’s living in solitude this time? Hmmm. I wonder what happened with his clutch. Guess I’ll wait and see! ;D He seems to be doing alright… though I admit I’m a little worried for anyone so isolated…

    You got really great pictures of the wolf. Very cute. (:

    “perhaps her descendants, some with that glimmer of magic in their eyes” … I remember before, when this character had kits after taking the form of a fox, and those seemed like normal foxes and I remember being kind of sad. Will more come of her animal descendants this time? If they has magic, can theys use it? Or maybe they provide extra points when a video game hero kills them. That has potential. xD

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    1. Thanks! Riannyn is on his own this time around, and older than Terhanis and her clutch by a good amount. Of course, I will tell what happened with his clutch in a later scene. He has been isolated for a long time. He’s survived it well enough, but it hasn’t been easy on him.

      I just used moviemaker cheats to use the idle animations for the wolf. I believe the ones I used were the Trait idles for Adventurous, Loyal and I think Friendly.

      With the enchanted animals, I am setting up to have helpful animal characters in the future, much like the sorts of animals you find in fairy tales. I do not have any specific thing planned for this, but some of the magically inclined human characters may meet up with animal helpers on their various adventures to come. Some of them may be able to use magic, too, depending on what role I decide to give them.

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      1. That sounds so good Caterpillar! Friendly pets is a great attribute to the story and might even be great messengers / spys and what not 😀 I live Riannyn and his new background – Living in solitude seems so mysterious! Makes me want to find out what happened to him long ago making him take such a lifechanging decision.
        I have a small hope for this Wolf… I feel like i already know her 😉

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  2. Thank you!
    I will definitely tell Riannyn’s story in depth later. I think you do know who the wolf is. 😉

    I have always enjoyed using the various animals that we have in game from Pets in my stories, and I thought it would be a good idea to plant the seed for enchanted animals in this world early on, so that I can make use of that later. So many of the fairy tales and folklore that inspire Summerdream feature talking animals that aid the protagonist in their quest in some way.

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  3. From the other comments I take it that Riannyn is dragon kind? If so why is he living in isolation with only a wolf for companionship? It’s comforting to know that someone somewhat knows what happened to Aymeri and is waiting for him to reappear.

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