Sunshine Blogger Award


I have received 3 Nominations for a Sunshine Blogger Award, from StormySims, Becky, and ixot.   Thanks so much!

The rules are:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and add a link to their blog.
  2. Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you.
  3. Nominate 11 bloggers and add their links.
  4. Notify the bloggers you included.
  5. Keep the rules in your post.

My Nominations are:

  1. The Last Canvas
  2. As Far As The World Goes
  3. Different Winters
  4. Origin of a Halfling
  5. SOLV2
  6. Vamp
  7. Island End
  8. Soul Echoes
  9. The Foundling

Okay, then, questions! (I am having extreme difficulty with formatting, and all questions I copy/paste insist on being #1. Sorry!)

From Stormy (The Life and Times of the Willows)

  1. If you could be anywhere in the world (or fictional world) right now, where would you be?

I just got back from a very hectic vacation involving theme parks and very energetic children ranging from 7 – 12, so honestly, the only place I want to be right now is home, where I can completely relax.

  1. What drew you to start playing The Sims, TS2, TS3 or TS4?

I started with Sims 1, some time after its release. I was already a fan of Sim City, Sim Earth, Sim Theme Park, and management Sims in general. I was a little hesitant to try the Sims, because I thought watching little people pee and watch TV might be dull.

  1. What is your favorite genre to write about?

Scifi/fantasy come the most naturally to me. Even my more contemporary dramas end up having a little magic intrude in their normalcy.

  1. If you could make any one of your characters in any of your stories come to life, who would it be, and why?

Oh, Auberon. Though I’m sure that would cause all sorts of trouble.

  1. When writing your story on a blog, do you prefer to write on a white background, a black background or a colored background? Why?

Black or dark text on white only. Anything else I find too difficult to read. =(

  1. When you are writing or taking pictures in game for your story, what do you have going on in the background? (TV, music, etc.)

Usually nothing. Sometimes music, if I feel the need for particular inspiration.

  1. If you were a Sim, would you choose to be a PlantSim, Zombie, Alien, Werewolf or a witch? Why?

Witch. It seems like the least intrusive change to your life. No sudden transformations, no butt probes, no flowers dripping off my butt as I walk…It also seems the most useful, with spells to perk up your mood and clean the house.

  1. If you could be any animal, what would it be, and why?

A pampered house cat. Because, pampered.

  1. What is your favorite season?


  1. What is your favorite Sims world?

Just picking from EA worlds so my head doesn’t explode with choices…Dragon Valley.

  1. What has been your favorite Sims challenge that you either have done before or like to read?

The Random Legacy Challenge. I’ve played it several times, and read many random legacies. One of my favorite series of random legacies is by Becky, who has also nominated me for this award and whose questions I’m about to tackle. =)

Questions from Becky (Goldbeard RLC)

1. What is your favorite bird, if you can only choose from birds you have seen near your place of residence?

Crow! I love crows. So intelligent and cooperative. Also, tricksters.
2. Three of the worst movies ever. Movies you actually watched, all the way through. Poor you.

Disney’s Alice in Wonderland. I have a serious obsession with Alice. I collect different editions of the books, and own a ridiculous number of figurine and other Alice related crap. But the Disney movie is so, so awful, with the worst music.

There was this movie, I don’t remember the title, starring that guy from Peaky Blinders. It was a scifi movie. They were on a ship or something, and were plummeting into the sun. It was terrible. Sorry, I already did a memory dump on this, and my husband is being no help with the recollection…but I do remember that I was disappointed that they failed to make a really obvious pun at the end. Which I no longer remember.

Dude, I cannot even dredge up a third. I’m really good at forgetting things. Maybe Interstellar? I don’t know that it was the worst…it wasn’t the best.
3. How about some movies that were so bad, you couldn’t finish watching them?

Yeah, there’s a ton of those. But I’d have to go log in to Netflix to find which movies we bailed on in the first 15 minutes.
4. You’re writing a buddy cop movie. What do you name your two main protagonists?

Foster Enmity and Carey Burden! Yes, I’ve used them before. But think about them as buddy cops! Hilarious!
5. Did you see a cartoon as a child that scarred you because it broke the animation age ghetto? If so, what was it?

Not that I can remember.
6. What are your three most favorite starship designs?

I’ve never considered any starship designs as my favorites. However, there are 3 I can recognize on sight. The USS Enterprise (Star Trek), The Normandy (Mass Effect) and the Millennium Falcon (Star Wars)
7. Psychic twins. Dead horse trope, or you just can’t get enough of how cute it is?

Well, I can get over the cuteness really quickly, but I don’t immediately groan when I see them coming…
8. Five computer games you thought were fun, aside from Sims?

Fable, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, The Witcher, Roller Coaster Tycoon
9. Are you in love with any Non-PC games? Regardless of replay value, let’s hear some of your favorites!

Not really.
10. Daffy Duck, or Donald Duck? Why?

omg, Daffy. I loved Warner Bros cartoons since my childhood, and Daffy was my favorite. I have a fridge magnet of Daffy (and Bugs).
11. That one glitch you had in Sims 3 that you love telling people about. What happened?

That one time when Grim came for Gibson Enmity, and then reset himself, leaving old Gibson in a permanent state of dying. He was fine, but everyone who got near him would start mourning like he was dying.

Questions from ixot (Cuckoo Legacy)

  1. What did you have for dinner – or, if it’s not dinner time yet, what did you have yesterday? Was it good? Did you cook it yourself?

Leftovers from lunch at Cheesecake factory. Chicken Stuffed Tortillas.

  1. It’s late at night in a small town and you’re heading home. You can either take a well lit detour – 30 minutes – or the shorter walk through the cemetery – 15 minutes. It’s pitch dark in there. Which route do you choose?

I grew up with my bedroom window facing an old cemetery. We used to play in it as kids. I have no fear of them, not even the dark. My only concern, if it was an active cemetery, would be falling into a recently dug grave. Also, if we are in a high crime area, I’d be concerned about the lack of light. But if those are not a concern, I’d walk through the cemetery.

  1. Pet birds, you’re getting them – 10 zebra finches or one parrot?

I know nothing about birds or their care, so I’m not sure which would be the biggest hassle. My cats vote for finches.

  1. Tell me something about one of your grandparents. Or all of them, if you like.

My mother’s mother was born in Italy.

  1. Your favourite teacher in school and why you liked her or him.

I don’t have any favorites for schools before college. My favorite was the professor who taught the surrealist lit class I took. Because she’d recently come to the realization that the surrealist were largely sexist jackasses and she just wanted to talk about this one artist, Leonora Carrington, and her big adventure in trying to meet her.

  1. Build a tree house or a dollhouse? Get a tree house or a dollhouse?

Dollhouse. I’m not sure where I’d even find a tree that isn’t a palm tree.

  1. Ever had a romance with someone who was taken? If yes, how did it end? If no, define what cheating is to you. Where would you draw the line?

Not a relationship, but 2 dates. I did not know he was married. It ended when his wife showed up during a date. (My fault…he told me he lived with his sister, so when she picked up the phone, I innocently told her where he was meeting me.) I would not have even flirted with him if I had known he was married.

  1. You’re describing the colour pink to someone who was born blind, what would you describe it as?

I have no idea how to answer this.

  1. Do you want kids? Why/why not? If you already have them, did you always want to? If not, what changed your mind?

I have never wanted children. I can speculate on the reasons why I never developed this desire, based on some of the more abusive aspects of my childhood, but it’s not like I ever had to explain it to myself. I never have had even a thought of myself as a parent or the desire to have a child. It is just not there. To me it is like thinking about why you have never wanted a tattoo (for those who have never wanted one). You don’t need a reason, you just have never had the desire.

  1. If you’re young, what’s your IDEAL vision of yourself as an adult, say 45 years, where will you live and what will you do. If you’re already an adult, not necessarily 45 but still, what was your ideal vision of yourself as an adult when you were ca 18? Are you close to that vision now? Is it still something you aspire to?

I don’t really want now the things I wanted when I was 18. But my life is eerily close to what I predicted for myself when I was 15.

  1. Your MIL is planning to knit you a jumper. She’s taking your measurements and shows you the pattern and yarn she wants to use – the jumper is REALLY ugly. She’s very excited, but knitting the sweater will take her more than a month. Honestly now, will you smile and thank her and then never wear it, or do you tell her you don’t want the jumper before she begins knitting?

Wow, this is exactly the kind of awkwardness that makes me anxious around people. I’ve been in the position of accepting gifts from people (okay, my grandmother mostly) that were just dreadful and which immediately got stuffed into the back of the closet. I’d feel bad about pre-accepting a gift I knew someone was going to spend time making, but honestly I just would not have it in me to say I didn’t want it.

My Questions: (I’m only doing 8, as I can only think of that many . If you feel a burning need to answer 11 questions, choose 3 more from the questions I answered above)

  1. If there was one object available in buy mode from any Sims game that you could own in real life, what would it be?
  2. How much of your Sims stories are based on your real life experiences?
  3. Do you read a lot of the genre you write?
  4. If you had to spend a day entertaining one of your characters, who would it be, and what would you do to entertain them?
  5. If you had to spend a day living as one of your characters, who would it be, and why?
  6. Do you have any bad writing habits you struggle with?
  7. Quote your favorite passage from your most recent story update.

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