Water’s Song


Aymeri wakes before the sun rises and untangles himself from the embrace of his clutch mates. Seryn, always a light sleeper, stirs and murmurs something unintelligible, squeezing Terhanis closer to him as he falls back into his dream.


The eyrie is quiet at this early hour. No one will see him leave, and he will return before anyone notices his absence.



A finger of land juts out from the island, pointing the way to the distant shores of the mainland, a signal fire ever blazing there to guide the hunters of the Fire clan back to their eyrie. Clambering up the rocky edge, Aymeri pauses, listening to the roar of the waterfall behind him, the lapping of the waves against the beach. The song is there, murmuring in the falls, in the waves, whispering his name like a lover. The water’s song has always thrummed through him, while he wakes and while sleeps.


The song belongs to all who share his affinity for the water, but for Aymeri, it is a beckoning call, a summons he can no longer deny. The water wants something of him that she has asked of no other.


It is time. He springs forward, leaping into the air, his arms stretched out behind him like wings. Before he can fall back down to the rocks and tumble into the sea, he transforms, and flies towards the shores of the mainland.



17 thoughts on “Water’s Song

  1. I’m dying over this! It’s so fantastic to see the dragons again and Aymeri’s personality already shines through by this very first chapter. I’m so excited to read the next chapter – i love how you start this story and in excited to read it.

    Liked by 1 person

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